Why You Should Purchase Your Insoles from OrthoSole

There are plenty of insole manufacturers out there – so what makes OrthoSole any different?

We take a closer look at the history behind this UK-based company and discuss some of the many benefits of wearing OrthoSole insoles on a daily basis.

OrthoSole products have benefited from many years of research and development

Professional cricketer Ronnie Irani is the founder of OrthoSole – and he’s spent decades turning his initial idea into the range of uniquely customisable insoles that are now available from our company.

The journey began way back in 1993, when Ronnie visited a top podiatrist in Germany for support with a recurring injury. He met with Martin Trautmann, one of the most renowned orthopaedic shoemakers in the world, and was astounded by the difference that good, strong orthotics could make when it comes to reducing pain and managing ongoing rehabilitation.

Before long, Ronnie had the idea to design an affordable yet entirely customisable orthotic insole that could be used to help as many people as possible. OrthoSole was born – and Ronnie spent the next few years enlisting the help of some of the best biomechanics professionals in the world to bring his vision to life.

A great deal of research has gone into the development of our insoles, and as such, our product designs are patented all around the world. By making good use of innovative PORON® (which boasts incredible shock absorbing properties), and by pioneering a system of interchangeable inserts that can be changed at will to provide the exact level of support needed in different areas of the foot, Ronnie and the team here at OrthoSole have created a collection of products that deliver impressive benefits to wearers but that, crucially, are also accessible to all. 

All our insoles are entirely customisable

The unique design of our insoles ensures they can be fully tailored to provide you with the right kind of support, regardless of your biomechanics.

OrthoSole insoles are the only products of their kind that provide changeable arch and metatarsal support. The custom support system provided with each pair of inserts can be fully adjusted; all you need to do is experiment with the firmness and thickness of each metatarsal pad until you find a combination that feels 100% comfortable. It takes a matter of seconds to change a pad, and there’s no breaking in period, either – you’ll feel the benefits straightaway.

So, regardless of your gait, your pronation type or your body shape, you’ll always be getting the support you need when you slip on a pair of OrthoSole insoles. And if your needs change over time, you can always change the pads around until you find your perfect fit again.

Our insoles have been proven to help wearers combat a range of debilitating conditions

As well as providing much-needed support for the feet and lower limbs during everyday wear, OrthoSole products are renowned as the best insoles for plantar fasciitis and many other common foot ailments, such as Achilles tendonitis.

When too much stress is placed on your plantar fascia (the ligaments that run from your heels to your toes, in the arches of your feet), they’ll become worn and inflamed, and you’ll start experiencing pain, soreness and stiffness. OrthoSole insoles can help to prevent the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis from emerging by absorbing some of the pressure and delivering extra cushioning to the areas that are under the most strain. We also offer specialist 8mm heel lifts that  can be worn in conjunction with our insoles to take some of the stress away from the plantar fascia tissues and speed up the healing process.

We’re always here to help

At OrthoSole, we strive to deliver a personal service. We’re committed to helping our customers, and we love nothing more than helping them find the right product for their circumstances.

So, whether you’re looking for an everyday pair of orthotic insoles for regular use, some Lite style insoles to help you fight those minor aches and pains, or even some open-toed orthotic sandals for lazy days around the pool, you can always contact our friendly team for advice and tailored recommendations.