How to Stay Healthy on Halloween

Holidays are hard for everyone, especially those of us with kids or relatives we need to serve or be with. If you’re watching your weight, trying to stay on top of your health, or are simply looking for different ways to stay fit and active this Halloween, we have you covered! Below we list some of our favorite tips and tricks for how to stay healthy on Halloween. Check them out!

Eat Before you Eat Candy

This is just a good trick to follow year-round, but it can get especially difficult during the holiday season. Make sure that you have a healthy meal with veggies, fruit, protein, etc. before you stock up on sweets. If you have a high protein and high fiber meal before the treats come out, you are less likely to snack on high-sugar treats.

Keep Candy Hidden

Don’t leave your candy out in a jar this Halloween, no matter how cute it looks next to the jack-o-lanterns! You are more likely to eat candy if it is sitting out than you are if it is put away. The truth is- everyone snacks when they’re feeling bored but a lot of us are too lazy to actually get up and hunt for something, we just want whatever is convenient.


If you’re feeling hungry, the first thing you should be reaching for is your water bottle! A lot of the time when we’re feeling snacky or hungry we are simply dehydrated. In addition, hydrating right after you eat a piece of candy will not only wash all the sugars off your teeth but also get rid of the taste in your mouth so that you aren’t craving candy immediately after eating a piece.

Don’t be a Zombie

This goes without saying for a lot of people but on Holidays we sometimes need a friendly reminder: adults need 6-9 hours of sleep every night and Halloween is no different. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep.

On top of that, not being a zombie also includes sticking to your regular workout. Take time between family events and trick or treating to go for a walk, hit the local gym, or do a small workout at home.

Stay Safe

Last but not least, you should always be sure you and the people around you are safe this Halloween. Don’t drink and drive, wear reflectors if you’re trick or treating in the dark, and always walk in groups.

Make sure you keep kids away from cars. If you’re in a car, watch for kids. Parties are great to have but make sure that no one is put into any danger doing anything crazy.


Everyone knows it- Halloween is so much fun! Staying healthy doesn’t have to ruin the fun of the holiday, but needing to keep up with regular things in your life is important. Remember to be safe, eat right, and keep up on your regular bodily routines this holiday season. Also, have a spook-tacular time!