Do People Really Notice Your Teeth?

Are Straight Teeth More Likely To Land You A Date?

Why your smile could be your most important asset. Find out how to make it sparkle.

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about your appearance, someone may have offered you a piece of well-meaning advice that you notice your own imperfections more than anyone else will. Whilst this is a lovely sentiment, when it comes to your teeth, sadly survey results reveal this to be untrue. When looking at first impressions, a dating site study of 5,500 people found that 60% of men consider teeth to be the most important consideration when deciding whether to date someone. This may sound like an absolute whopping statistic, but women feel even more strongly about the importance of teeth in aesthetics, with 71% of females believing that the condition of someone’s teeth is the most important factor in choosing a date.

Moving on from romance, teeth are key in making a great first impression in other areas of life. When examining pictures of people with straight or crooked teeth, those with a tidy, aligned set of teeth were thought to be 45% more likely to secure a job, 58% more likely to be successful in life and also 58% more likely to be wealthy.

What Makes A Great Set of Teeth?

Now that you understand the doors that can be opened just by flashing your pearly whites, you might be wondering what exactly people are looking for when they’re examining your teeth. Along with having perfectly aligned teeth, an attractive smile shouldn’t reveal any missing teeth or chips. As you age, your teeth are also prone to discolouration – they may take on more of a yellow colour or even stain due to lifestyle choices such as drinking coffee, smoking or eating dark chocolate. Of course, a great set of teeth isn’t just a visual concern – it goes without saying that bad breath is something that anyone will notice within a close distance. If you don’t look after your teeth, then you’ll likely experience a build-up of plaque which can cause gum disease and ultimately halitosis.

How To Get Your Teeth In Tip-Top Shape

With an increase in dental awareness as well as a surge in cosmetic treatments, it’s easier than ever to get the smile you deserve.

Whitening treatments are incredibly effective but only if performed by a qualified dentist – don’t be tempted by at-home DIY packs or visiting an unqualified beautician which can be ineffective and unsafe. When it comes to obtaining a straighter smile, a clear set of removable braces as provided by an Invisalign braces Essex team, is the best way to adjust your smile and gradually correct an overbite or any crookedness. If you have any chips or broken teeth, then veneers are your best bet. They fit on top of your existing tooth, providing you with a uniform look that will last for years.

When there are so many ways to improve your smile, it makes sense to think of any cosmetic dentistry as an investment. By booking in for a simple treatment, you can give your self-confidence a real boost and people around you will certainly notice the difference!